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awaken_the_city's Journal

Awaken The City! The Tick Is Awesome, amirite?
The City
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Yep, we like The Tick. And so do you... right?

Anyways, if you drew or wrote something Tick-related, join us and put it here. If you just want to talk about how awesome Breadmaster The Tick is, then join! If you made some awesome Tick avatars, and no one else wants to see them, then join! If you want to complain about how the Disney company didn't include that crappy Molemen episode in their DVD release of the first season, join us and rant for a bit. Even though the Molemen suck.

C'mon now, don't make me use my Jedi mind-powers...

By the way, this community is run by none other than the mildly obnoxious c4keman, which means that if you don't join she'll just use this community as a vault for all her Tick-related crap. So yeah...
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