Greetings Citizens!

I was lucky enough to have recently purchased a Tick comic! The Tick: Karma Tornado (The complete works) I loved it! I read it at work so I had to try not to laugh too much. It was a real struggle!

Has anyone else here read it? What are the other comics like?
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New Guy

Yet another member has been allowed into our little clubhouse!  I'd like you all to give mr_rekkan a warm welcome!

... or a wedgie.  It's frankly up to you :3

And I guess I'm supposed to say "Happy Thanksgiving" or something.  I also would like to tell you that I hope you didn't fall asleep at the wheel or anything from the ridiculous tryptophan overdoses we are all undoubtedly suffering from.  Good night, all!
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Yeah. College season. How's it goin' for you boyos?

Also, I have something for you to read--moar assigned reading?! Naw, just kidding. But I wrote this one day...

tl;drCollapse )

And that's how it starts. I don't really have much else beyond this--what do you think?
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NEWSFLASH: Community Triples in Size!

Three whole members!  I don't know about you, but I'm pretty jazzed over this.  The thought that there are two other Tick fans on LJ is pretty exciting.

In other news, your fearless leader over here was wondering if anybody happens to know where she can find The Tick on DVD.  I'd prefer to buy something isn't bootlegged, but beggars can't be choosers, eh?
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(no subject)

Greetings citizens, I come bringing gifts!
First an icon (please credit me if you use it)

This was the source I have no idea where it came or who the guy on the right is but it is MIGHTY!

Hope you enjoy them and that this community grows bigger than Dinosaur Neal and Blow-Hole combined!
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