c4keman (c4keman) wrote in awaken_the_city,

New Guy

Yet another member has been allowed into our little clubhouse!  I'd like you all to give mr_rekkan a warm welcome!

... or a wedgie.  It's frankly up to you :3

And I guess I'm supposed to say "Happy Thanksgiving" or something.  I also would like to tell you that I hope you didn't fall asleep at the wheel or anything from the ridiculous tryptophan overdoses we are all undoubtedly suffering from.  Good night, all!
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Hey, thanks! (I'm actually a girl)

I love the Tick, one of my most favorite cartoon/comic books ever, I even love the Live Action series, and this is one of the nicer Tick communities I've seen, even though not much is updated...

Thanks for the welcome! If I can think of something interesting to post I'll get on top of it...
Another girl? Whoops--the "mr" part of your name threw me off... XD

But people think I'm a dude too, so hey.
The REAL point is...is that the ladies love The Tick xD
... and Breadmaster. X3