Salad Barbarian (salad_barbarian) wrote in awaken_the_city,
Salad Barbarian

It's starting to smell a little like danger in here, or heavily fried food.

I come bearing some scans from The Tick! comic for all of us to enjoy.

Here is someone who might look like The Tick but the tie confuses me.

I'll lj cut the rest I didn't see a rule about the number of pictures outside of a cut so I'll put it like this just in case.

The Ticks' disguise is better then yours!

If only Capitan America had dealt with the press like this he might still be alive.

The Tick vs. Ninjas!

Do not taunt The Tick!

Ninjas say the darnedest things.


And what did we learn today?

yes a wise lesson for us all.
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